Organize files, folders in your mobile O-Share app from your desktop, laptop

Add a new Folder at the root

Click the icon when in the FOLDERS tab. This will take you to a new page where you can provide a name for the new folder

Provide a name for the new Folder

In this page, you will also need to indicate whether or not you would like to create the new folder at the root by using the radio button. If so, the new folder will be created directly under the currently active Group. Otherwise the new folder will be created as a subfolder to the currently selected folder.

New folder added at root

The Just added folder 'My videos' will be shown at root level now.

Add a sub-folder to an existing folder

When an existing folder is currently selected and you try to add a new folder, a sub-folder to the currently selected folder will be created by default. If you however activate the radio button, a new folder will be created at the root

Create a folder, sub-folder structure based on your needs

Create a folder structure in such a way that it helps you quickly locate your desired file

Add a file to an O-Share folder

Open another app from where you can share files - for example Google-Photos. Open the file (or select the file) and then select the Share option by clicking

Add a file .. continued

On selecting the option, you will be given the choice of several apps with which you can share the file. Choose the O-Share app by selecting

Add a file .. continued

On choosing O-Share app for sharing a file, O-Share app will open for you. Select the folder on which you would like to place this file and double-tap that folder. A new screen will appear where you can provide a suitable name for the file to be added

Add a file .. continued

On successful adding of the file to the desired folder, the CONTENT LIST tab for that folder will open where you can view the file and its properties like size etc.

View (or play), rotate individual file

While in the folder CONTENT LIST, double-click on a file row. You will be taken to the CONTENT tab for that file where you can pinch to zoom or rotate a file (90 degrees each time)

Play slide-show of images

While in the CONTENT LIST, the button will show up if one or more images would be selected in a folder. Clicking that button will start a slide-show of all the selected image files in that folder.